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Have swipe fatigue? Let us help you get rid of that sore thumb. We cordially invite you to join a dating app that boast the largest selection of quality black singles nationwide. On RBL, real connections happen on a daily basis and your next good thing may be one message away.

The RBL Difference

RBL is the #1 black dating app that is specifically designed for the relationship focused single. No other app has more singles waiting for real connections than RBL. We are leading black dating online minus all of the pointless swiping.

Quality Black Singles
Other apps are come one - come all. RBL is different as we do not allow instant access to our pool of quality singles. Prospective members are individually extended an invitation to become apart of our community. RBL is an award winning dating app and most trusted by black singles since 2014.

Say Good-bye Catfish
Catfishing is still a thing and we loathe it. With our ingenious member verification system, catfish on other apps are stopped in their tracks on RBL. We offer a worry-free dating experience that keeps your focus on what matters the most...connecting with authentic people.

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For the ones that truly desire love, it doesn't always come when we want it and sometimes we think it has come and it turns out to be fools gold. One thing that should keep us going is that we have control over who we select and who we entertain...one of the best things about the RBL app is that it gives you that opportunity to have that control and while we always don't get it right or it seems it's taking forever, it's always that hope that the man or woman of your prayers is just one click or message away.

Kasey and Kay Married March 2020

Just want to let you know that I have met an awesome woman through RBL. At times I've tried many different avenues and RBL just happened to have the woman for me so now I can happily say I now have a fiance! I am looking forward to a new life with my forever wife, so once again thank you and keep up the work you put into RBL.

LaTod and Keisha Married Summer 2019

rbl dating app success story review

Can you please remove my account on the site, I have found me wife!

Garfield Warren and Dr. Aprille Warren

rbl dating app success story review

Who would have ever thought that this time last year I would cross paths with a man that is now my husband. Keeping my heart open wasn't easy. I was at the point of trying to figure out was there something wrong with me? Why am I still single? Before you knew it there was a message that read "Hello beautiful, are you really single?" in my inbox. The rest is History!! Kevin has truly open my eyes to love and everyday he shows me how a women should be treated. We both almost gave up but look at us now.

Mr. and Mrs. Morrow

rbl dating app success story review

On February 8, 2018 I decided to reach out to man that lives here in Texas on the app. On September 29, 2018 we got married! I am so glad I decided to send him a message, this is the best man I have ever come to know and I am so happy. Thank you RBL!

Samantha Bryant

rbl dating app success story review

Hello RBL! I Just wanted to take time out today to say thanks for allowing my soul mate to come into my life. Never in a million years would I have expected to meet someone so beautiful, loving, caring, smart and genuine as this young lady that's pictured here with me. Today I can clearly say my prayers have been answered. I pray that God continue to grow this relationship to its highest potential. So to all once again I say thanks and may your search for that special person one day be fulfilled. God bless!

Lorenzo Lawrence and Deborah Lewis

rbl dating app success story review

I met my love on the RBL app in December 2017. I must say this journey has been amazing!! We lived 13 hours apart (who say you can't have a long distance relationship). This man is not only amazing but is very special to me. He has shown me what a wonderful, respectful, loyal and decent man can be. He is everything to me. There was a time that I was skeptical about online dating but I saw an advertisement for the app and I took a chance. He contacted me within a week and we have been together every since! This past December he asked me to marry him and I said yes! God brought us together but RBL was the connection. I thank God for him every day and for what we have. I would encourage anyone to join and to be patient, as it will happen soon enough. Blessings to you!

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